Saturday, February 04, 2006

Muslim Cartoons

When I first put "Insulting Muslims" on the blog last October, it was with a vague hope that others would do it as well, eventually. It seemed rather a race to me, whether the "word would spread" before Denmark caved in to pressure.

The reactions from around the world to the events of the last few days, from the republishing the cartoons in various international media have confirmed my thoughts as to what the reaction would be on the part of Muslims...continued hurt feelings. The amount of reaction, and the character of the reaction, demonstrate the differences between Western and Islamic cultures. The reaction? Murderous hatred and threats of violent physical harm from Muslims who cover their faces, brandish guns and swords and carry signs calling for revenge.

Well, I cover my identity as well, and I give credit to those website authors who do not conceal their identities. I don't do trackbacks, I won't list other blogs, and I won't call attention to other websites, but the number of personal blogs republishing the 'toons must easily be in the hundreds.

Muslims, by their reaction, have shown us clearly that their thought process is so different, and their priorities, spiritual guidance, and personal motives so alien to the Western culture of free expression, personal introspection, challenge to accepted thought, and individual decision that its obvious we ain't gonna exist in the same place at the same time.

By elevating the cartoons to the level of world attention, Denmark has done the Western world a priceless service. I pay attention to the news from Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Scandinavia, and nowhere are the Islamic peoples creating anything better for the populations. They are killing, destroying, subjecting, threatening, and ruining any hope that those countries will be better off with Islam than they were before.