Friday, July 28, 2006

Koran - Approved for Infidels

A very heavy package FINALLY arrived from CAIR a couple weeks ago. It was a free Koran, ordered thru one of their websites. It took many months to arrive. A Koran is not something I am going to pay for with my own money, so the offer of a free one sounded good to me.

The letter from CAIR inside the package informed me that Muslims regard the Koran as sacred, and this new Koran should also be treated with respect....wash hands first, hold it with both hands when carrying, don't put food or dirty socks on it, etc.

Its hard to accept that CAIR would send me, an Infidel, a copy of a "sacred" Koran, so I am assuming my copy is not sacred. The letter filled me with resentment, with its attempt to indoctrinate me into a special behavior. As a matter of fact, the letter makes me furious, and leaves me in a volcanic state of insulted anger, full of muderous white hot rage....

The reason for having this thing is for reference. I have a quite a collection of material from the internet, and books too, all related to Islam and its goal of worldwide dominion under Allah. I have been collecting all this material since early 2002 and now when I see a reference taken from the Koran, I want to look it up myself.

The very first sentence on the very first page of this new Koran says it is axiomatic that the Koran cannot be accurately translated from Arabic. One immediately realizes that a Koran translated by Muslims for Muslims will have different terminology than a Koran translated by Muslims for Infidels. Actually, I believe the issue of translations is bullshit.

So, its like, a reference from a book I read says "slay the idolators wherever you find them", and my Infidel Koran says "slay those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God wherever you may come upon them".

Oh well.