Thursday, August 10, 2006

Little Muslim Generals

This morning, after hearing about the bomb plot uncovered in the UK, my wife emailed me... "I remembered, when out walking (the dogs), about one of the top muslims saying - not long ago - that something was up that was going to be the worst so far. I guess he was talking about this."

He might have been. Part of the informal self-education process about Islam is to try and learn what the clerics are saying. They say quite a lot. Islam hasn't got anything like the heirarchy of the Catholic Church, for example, with the Pope in Rome and all the Cardinals, and 2000 years of doctrine and teachings, the inward look and the Ecumenical Councils, reform here and there. When I was in about 4rth grade (early 1960's), the Mass started being said in english instead of latin. We always had a Bible in english. No one ever said "It is axiomatic that the Bible cannot be accurately translated from latin". Everybody has a Bible in their native language.

Anyhow, the clerics have a lot of influence. The entire Islamic Clerical System is set up to provide major job security. And the thing is, you don't have to have a special calling from Allah to become a cleric. All you have to be is easily influenced, maybe poor, maybe no family (or maybe a rich family), maybe with nothing worthwhile going on in your life. A promise of brotherhood, and education in the madrassa, better food, and all you gotta do is learn the Koran by heart, word for word. Oh, and it matters not that its in Arabic, just learn it, we'll explain what it means later. Work your way up through the system, and maybe some day you will be a junior cleric, work hard at perfecting your hatred, be lucky enough to live in one of the worlds hot spots, and maybe you will end up with your own militia!!! Like Nasrallah and Hezballah, or Muqtada al-Sadr (whose father was a famous cleric) who has his very own Madhi militia, with ten thousand angry dudes just burning to slit some Infidel throat.

In short, if you ain't got a life, become a cleric, whereupon you preach that having a life is no big deal anyhow.

Back in the Infidel world, access to clerical speech is limited, but not so limited you can't find out what they are saying. The international media is full of this stuff. Bombings in Bali? A cleric says they were justified, and he even helped with the plans. Bus bombings in London? A cleric says England belongs to Allah and the sooner Islam is established, the sooner peace will prevail. Cartoons from Denmark? A Danish cleric wants apologies, and when denied, goes to the Middle East, and raises enough concern that we see violent protests, death threats and buildings burning. The clerics tell us over and over again, that unless we stop whatever it is that we are doing to cause grievances to Muslims, that they, the clerics, will be unable to keep the unhappy and insulted Muslims from becoming disaffected and possibly, violent. But they do give clues. Clerics cannot keep their mouths shut. They are ALWAYS talking about some sort of violence, or retaliation that might occur. The worst ever. Making the last episode look small. Or if we thought it was bad last time, we ain't seen nuthin yet.

There are no controls on these guys. None. And they are the "little generals", who run the mosques, who give the Friday prayers, and follow up with the fiery political speeches. There is always a mosque involved with anything having to do with terrorism, and there is always a hardcore cleric at that mosque preaching hate, and the goal of Islam spread all over the world.